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Firefly: Yet another streaming server (my bad)…

ROKU´s Firefly is available for Mac ,Linux and Windows and supports MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC and OggVorbis. Hopefully Nokia will expand it´s codec support as well.
Downloadlinks can be found on this page.

Well , thanks for that correction, since I am covering servers I also meant to write that word .


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Another Windows-based streaming client…

direct download from MS, not so feature-rich as Twonky or Phillips, but also smaller and with a smaller footprint

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Streaming Audio and Images

With the Media Streamer UPnP AV control point application by Nokia the 770 evolves into a device suitable to interact with a PC-based streaming server.  I was not able to get the semi-commercial streaming server application running that Nokia is promoting , but I am successfully using Twonkymedia´s server and the Philips Media Manager . Installation under XP went easy. I had to enter some ports into the internal Windows firewall and enabled the applications in the firewall. After that the folders containing the media need indexing. An upcoming version of Media Streamer will be video enabled, according to an email Visa Smolander of Nokia wrote to a member of the Internettablettalk Forum.

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