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But if you must…here´s how to backup your installation

[…I backup my repository list by opening up an xterm, gaining root and copying everything in /etc/apt/ to a directory on the mmc card and then copying the sources.list file back after reimaging the device.

To copy it back after reimaging, you will need to reinstall becomeroot (or become root via some other means) and then install an xterm. I keep the .debs for most of the common programs I use in a directory on my mmc card, but it is nice to have the repositories in place for updates….]


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2.2006.39-14 IT2006 Release Notes

Release Notes

Internet Call
o Volume level improvements
o Improved microphone background noise filtering

File Manager
o Improved file handling operations:
e.g. moving files from folders between local device & MMC
o Added function to rename folders

o Local playback of MPEG video improved
o Streaming of WAV improved

o Improved stability
o Improved handling of streaming audio formats
o Patch for certificate signature verification

o Improved quality of Bluetooth connections
o Improved quality of WLAN connections

RSS Feed Reader
o Added image support to previously saved feeds
o Fixes to memory leaks

Internet Search home applet
o Pre-installed Wikipedia search engine added

Memory Card
o Capability to use 2GB RS-MMC memory cards
o Possibility to rename the MMC-card

General Improvements
o Improved device SW stability
o Finger usage improvements
o Localization fixes
o Improved stability of hand-writing and teaching of hand-writing


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Hands off the new OS Update…

as long as you are not stuck with the old 2005 OS version, it appears you can only lose by installing the new update. According to the one authority, updating from an existing 2006 version may be a bad move.

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YES! Buy and sell contraband with your webpad.

I played it back on my Palm 3x and it was cool then. It was also the only game I had on the Handspring Visor. And it will now be one of only very select games on the 770. Someone took some time to compile the beloved `Drugwars`, as read on forums, which amazingly remains still the only serious exchange for 770 users / enthusiasts.

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The Aqua theme…

No so many themes are out there.One of the first better ones is the Aqua-theme

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Firefly: Yet another streaming server (my bad)…

ROKU´s Firefly is available for Mac ,Linux and Windows and supports MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC and OggVorbis. Hopefully Nokia will expand it´s codec support as well.
Downloadlinks can be found on this page.

Well , thanks for that correction, since I am covering servers I also meant to write that word .


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I´m no Trekkie, I enjoy the franchise just like the next guy, but I know a great Theming-job when I see one, and these guys hit it off:

It´s just one great theme, maybe a bit too darkish, but so is a Tricorder..
I guess I will keep it on for a while, Thanks, Guys !


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Another Windows-based streaming client…

direct download from MS, not so feature-rich as Twonky or Phillips, but also smaller and with a smaller footprint

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Nokia770-26:/etc/apt# cat sources.list
deb     mistral user
deb mistral main
deb mistral user
deb mistral user
deb maemo2 free
deb mistral free non-free
deb 2.0 free non-free
deb mistral free

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