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Moved to:

Hi ! I moved to
and  optimized the blog for N770 usage. I particularly like the WordPress template  I am using there, it makes such a great use of the limited space. Although is a great service I didi not actually want to shell out money just to be able to change CSS while still being forced to use a given set of templates. Hence:

—-new adress  —

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Damn.. have to flash it..

Ok, now I have to concede. That damn error “Unable to complete secure transaction” and the inability to load https:// – pages and the uselessness of the known bugfix causes me to reflash it – with the new image, nonetheless. Let´s see firsthand if the “Others” (not the “Others” but those in below ITT thread) are rightfully dissing the new update…


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Watch YouTube and Google Video without converting..

First you have to install MPlayer for 770. Check out Maemo applications. MPlayer can play FLV files.

Now you need to be able to easily download the flv file from the page. Go to this site: That’s a great collection of Javascript codes that will help you download the videos. Just bookmark them by clicking and holding over each link. Use the “Flash Video files (.flv)” as this will download directly from the website you will be looking at (ie YouTube or Google Video).

That’s it. Now go to Youtube, choose a video and when the page finishes loading just click the bookmarked link and you will be asked to save a .flv file.

You can also open the file directly with MPlayer if you associate .flv with it. Follow these instructions:



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But if you must…here´s how to backup your installation

[…I backup my repository list by opening up an xterm, gaining root and copying everything in /etc/apt/ to a directory on the mmc card and then copying the sources.list file back after reimaging the device.

To copy it back after reimaging, you will need to reinstall becomeroot (or become root via some other means) and then install an xterm. I keep the .debs for most of the common programs I use in a directory on my mmc card, but it is nice to have the repositories in place for updates….]


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2.2006.39-14 IT2006 Release Notes

Release Notes

Internet Call
o Volume level improvements
o Improved microphone background noise filtering

File Manager
o Improved file handling operations:
e.g. moving files from folders between local device & MMC
o Added function to rename folders

o Local playback of MPEG video improved
o Streaming of WAV improved

o Improved stability
o Improved handling of streaming audio formats
o Patch for certificate signature verification

o Improved quality of Bluetooth connections
o Improved quality of WLAN connections

RSS Feed Reader
o Added image support to previously saved feeds
o Fixes to memory leaks

Internet Search home applet
o Pre-installed Wikipedia search engine added

Memory Card
o Capability to use 2GB RS-MMC memory cards
o Possibility to rename the MMC-card

General Improvements
o Improved device SW stability
o Finger usage improvements
o Localization fixes
o Improved stability of hand-writing and teaching of hand-writing


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Hands off the new OS Update…

as long as you are not stuck with the old 2005 OS version, it appears you can only lose by installing the new update. According to the one authority, updating from an existing 2006 version may be a bad move.

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Waterproof your device…

This guy wanted a waterproof carry-around box for his device and a GPS-mouse and found it here.
Hotlinked image shows the “Lock & Lock HPL 815” box

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Convert videos online …

I will try

to convert videos online to see if it can work as interim replacement for MediaConverter, since it won´t start on my machine.Great feature: It excepts an URL (i.e. a YouTube or Google Video page), or a direct link to a video file. Maximum filesize is 50 MB. It looks promising.

And here is a first Youtube-video rendered for the 770. By the way,, why do you consider *.avi files harmful? Maybe just to your bandwidth-bill…

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YES! Buy and sell contraband with your webpad.

I played it back on my Palm 3x and it was cool then. It was also the only game I had on the Handspring Visor. And it will now be one of only very select games on the 770. Someone took some time to compile the beloved `Drugwars`, as read on forums, which amazingly remains still the only serious exchange for 770 users / enthusiasts.

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