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The Aqua theme…

No so many themes are out there.One of the first better ones is the Aqua-theme

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Firefly: Yet another streaming server (my bad)…

ROKU´s Firefly is available for Mac ,Linux and Windows and supports MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC and OggVorbis. Hopefully Nokia will expand it´s codec support as well.
Downloadlinks can be found on this page.

Well , thanks for that correction, since I am covering servers I also meant to write that word .


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I´m no Trekkie, I enjoy the franchise just like the next guy, but I know a great Theming-job when I see one, and these guys hit it off:

It´s just one great theme, maybe a bit too darkish, but so is a Tricorder..
I guess I will keep it on for a while, Thanks, Guys !


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Another Windows-based streaming client…

direct download from MS, not so feature-rich as Twonky or Phillips, but also smaller and with a smaller footprint

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More repositories / sources

Oldschool blogger Matt Croydon lists some of his favourite repositories:

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